Pilot Training Program

One of the most important charters of an AMA club is to introduce others to the hobby. New pilot training therefore is an integral part of our club's activities. LCAA has the following programs dedicated to encouraging new pilots, and an easy and safe transition to qualified pilot status.

Radio controlled modeling is an exciting and rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages. LCAA cannot stress enough the importance of having a qualified instructor help you get started. Learning to fly on your own is not only dangerous, but will almost certainly cost you many times the cost of club membership in damaged aircraft.

LCAA's flying events and Saturdays, during the normal flying months of April through September, are great opportunities to meet our instructors, board members, and qualified club pilots who can discuss our sport with you and answer any questions you may have. Check our yearly calendar of events for dates and times.

Aircraft & Equipment Suggestions

Choosing a good trainer aircraft will make your learning experience easier, safer and more enjoyable. The best source of information on aircraft, radios, and motors/engines is your instructor. Here are a few suggestions as a guide for first time buyers.

Flight Simulators: a software simulator is a great way to safely start your flying experience with model aircraft. Talk to one of our instructors about available simulators.

Electric Aircraft: while electric aircraft provide exciting performance in all sizes, the new smaller "backyard" and "park" flyers provide a relaxing way to develop pilot skills in a "quiet" way.

Glow/Nitro Aircraft: choose a .40 - .60 size high-wing aircraft specifically designated as a 'trainer'. The aircraft may be an ARF (almost ready to fly) or a standard kit, but in either case, it should be simple to construct and include a detailed instruction manual.

Radios: 2.4 GHz radios are recommended.

Whether you go electric or glow, remember that the purpose of this aircraft is flight instruction. You will have plenty of opportunity in the future to build more exotic aircraft and you will be happy to have learned on a trainer that is designed to be more forgiving as you learn to fly.

Cost of Getting Started

Probably the most asked question for someone wanting to get into this sport is how much is it going to cost? There are basically three types of aircraft you can fly: 1) fixed wing glow/nitro, 2) fixed wing electric, and 3) helicopters. The approximate cost of these three types of aircraft are:

We recommend that you visit our flying field during one of our flying events to discuss any questions you may have about this exciting sport.