Field Overview

The LCAA RC Flying Field is located within the Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve located in Loudoun County, Virginia and is open from 8am until one half hour before sunset most days of the year. The field covers nearly nineteen acres and has a 450ft grass runway. There is a fenced in pit area and five flying stations. A sixth station is located at the end of the pits at a helicopter hover area. This is a special area designated for practicing helicopter/multirotor hovering but is also suitable for flying small multirotors.

A Solar powered charging station provides ample power for charging batteries at the field even on cloudy days and also powers a small weather station that broadcasts current weather via HAM radio. In addition to the weather station, a windsock in the pit area indicates wind direction and intensity for pilots while flying at the field.

Club members who have recieved qualified pilot status are free to fly anytime the field is open. Student pilots must be supervised by a qualified pilot to fly. AMA members who are not club members may fly at the field as a guest of a member. The club member is responsible for assuring that their guest’s conduct is in accordance with the Field Rules. Provisional pilots (those guests who do not have an AMA membership), may only fly with the direct supervision of a sponsoring member who is a qualified pilot. The sponsoring member must be able to take control of the aircraft using “transmitter swap” or buddy box.

In addition to FAA and AMA rules, our field is located in Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve and is governed by the Loudoun County Parks and Recreation Department. We abide by their regulations and the conditions of our field lease. Some of these include:

* Cutting down trees is prohibited without permission

* Chainsaw operation is not allowed

* Members are responsible for opening and closing the main gate into Banshee Reeks according to Preserve policy.

* Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden at the flying field.

Field Rules

The field is with the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) and is subject to additional restrictions that may not be in force in other areas of the United States. These include altitude restrictions and limitations on First Person View (FPV) flying. Please see the club field rules for more information. Occasionally, the FAA will issue a NOTAM closing the SFRA airspace to all non-emergency and non-regularly scheduled comercial flights. During these times, the field will be closed for all RC flying.

The FAA app, B4Ufly, will report that the flying field is within five miles of the Leesburg Executive Airport. The club has an agreement with Leesburg ATC in which we do not need to report RC flying activities at the field. Essentially, ATC always assumes someone is flying at the field. Most of the time manned aircraft flying into or out of Leesburg airport do not fly over the field and when they do are of sufficient altitude to not interfere with RC flying activities. However, an occasional low flying aircraft does fly over the field and pilots must be ready to respond. Remember that manned aircraft always have right of way.

Field Safety

Safety at the field is paramount. The field shed contains first aid supplies and fire extinguishers. This shed must be opened anytime there are flying activities at the field. While most club members fly electric aircraft, the club does have some members that fly gas or glow. As such, smoking is not allowed in the pit area. At all times pilots must adhere to AMA safety guidlines. For more safety information see the AMA Safety Handbook.

During the summer months, ticks can be a problem in and around the field, especially in the tall grass surrounds the runway. You should always use an insect spray with DEET to help keep ticks at bay. It is always a good idea to have a pair of long pants that can be put on if you need to enter the tall grass to retrieve a downed aircraft.