For Sale

Please send all items for sale directly to Brian Roberts via email. Please notify Brian of items that have sold so they can be removed from the listings. Thank you.
Date PostedItemsPriceContact Info
ARFs and Airframes for sale. Please email Roger Hammel for photos and information.

ARFs–Almost Ready to Fly
Rebel bipe by Lanier - 80-90 size. Glow. Asking $125 Roger Hammel
Cap 20L foamy full fuselage. e-power. Asking $55
Giles 200 Aerobatic. e-power. Asking $45
C-17 Staggerwing. e-power. Asking $45
EZ Christen Eagle Bipe. Glow. Asking $150
Tornado aerobatic ARF by Global. Glow. Asking $95
Explorer 60 trainer 65" wingspan, 60 2 cycle, 80-90
4 cycle.
Asking $95
Tangent by Wattage. e-power. Asking $45
Inspire 90 by Fliton (Pattern Plane). e-power. Asking $220
Oxalys 50 by Kyosho(Pattern). Glow. Asking $175
Beaver by ESCO. e-power. Asking $115
Capriol park size electric aerobat. e-power. Asking $70
Flubber by Fliton RED covering. e-power. Asking $70
Enticement by E-flite indoor aerobat. e-power. Asking $30

Airframes only
Flying boat yellow. Glow. Asking $90
U Can Do 3D 60 size. Glow. Asking $115